Promoting JavaScript in New Zealand

Code of Conduct Report

Some Code of Conduct reports result in actions from the committee that are outlined here (we reserve the right to keep the details of some reports completely private for safety reasons). We create these public records that have identifying information removed in order to show that we take our Code of Conduct seriously.

20th Feb 2017

It was brought to the committee's attention that a sponsor of the nz.js(con); and other society events had released some advertising that doesn't align with our values as a society (sexist and sexual themes) . Although the committee has no direct control over the conduct of our sponsors (and the advertising itself was not in any of our spaces, and thus debatably outside the Code of Conduct), we do have a responsibility to select sponsors that uphold our values. The committee began discussion on what course of action to undertake, but this was superseded by the proactive action of the sponsor in taking the advert in question down. We thank our sponsor for their prompt action in this matter.

We would like to apologise for missing an earlier report on a message board for this issue, and encourage those that feel that the Code of Conduct has been breached to follow the reporting process as outlined on the Code of Conduct. We thank our community member for persevering and bringing it to our attention a second time